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No need to read a guide or go to the tourist office

The only thing you need to discover Bilbao like a local is to have a little sense of adventure and join one of our personalised experiences. Our guides will teach you about the history, the traditions and the uniqueness that makes the Basque country so special. The tour combines exploration of the city with delicious food and drinks, so you will get to eat and enjoy your day like a true Basque.



3 HOUR TOUR - 4 to 6 bars - Plenty of local food & drinks

Discover what Bilbao has to offer with our dynamic guides. Spend the time enjoying the local food, drinks and atmosphere while you learn the history of the Basque country and all of its wonders. Recommended for a first time visit to Bilbao.


Alternative Bilbao

4 hour tour

A more in depth tour for experienced travellers who have previously visited Bilbao and want to explore it in a new light. Avoid the popular tourist hot spots and discover a whole other side to the city you thought you knew, we will arrange a tour meeting your interest.


Why choose Delight Bilbao tours?


Incredible Food & Drink

Come and try everything Bilbao has to offer. You’ll taste a variety of dishes, from gourmet cuisine to everyday food, including local specialties such as Pintxos. If you have any special dietary requirements or requests, we can accommodate these into the tour.


Local & Intimate

Our experienced guides have a passion for Bilbao and all it has to offer; their love for the local bars, history and city itself is infectious and you will enjoy discovering everything along with them, from the Basque language to the most popular types of wine.


Personalised experiences

Whether you are a single traveller or in a big group, you will be contacted before the tour to find out what we can do to make the experience perfect for you. This will be your opportunity to let us know of any special requirements that will give the tour a personal touch for you. 

Star Rating

5 Star Ratings

We are really honoured by our history of 5 star ratings. Our tours are rated the number one experience on Airbnb in Bilbao and we pride ourselves on the amazing and personalised service we offer. Book a tour to see for yourselves how we earned this reputation.

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